E/E Architecture Integration

Our experts are in full command of the growing complexity in vehicles and develop optimized solutions for electric and electronic systems

Today’s vehicles are packed with distributed functions. In some cases as many as six to ten control units are involved in a single function – for instance, the direction indicator is not only activated on turning a corner and breaking down but also by the central locking system and in emergency braking situations. Our experts make sure all systems interact correctly. We can provide you with support from the concept phase to validating production components.


This is about how to distribute algorithms among the control units. Does a centralized computer make sense or would several distributed processors be better? How can new functions be distributed over existing hardware in a derivative? What effect does a proposed architecture have on development input, costs and weight? We answer these questions as early as the concept phase. In production development, we systematically document the interconnected systems to provide an overall picture of the way all E/E systems interact.

Distributed Systems

During the development process we make sure from the outset that distributed systems interact in the way we want them to. To do this, we draw up specifications, develop technical solutions, produce prototypes and oversee collaboration in development as well as in the integration and testing process.

Integration and Testing

We test the functions on hardware-in-the-loop test benches, in reference vehicles and on vehicle prototypes, either at IAV or on location at our clients. We take advantage of a system developed in-house for generating test cases to guarantee reliable validation. In all of our activities, we benefit from our internal IAV network – this provides a pool of specialists in all disciplines who are consulted to resolve highly specific matters of detail.