Special-Purpose Vehicles

Perfect combination between special functions and base vehicle

Whether police vehicle, emergency ambulance, taxicab, auto-school or vehicles for disabled persons, we are your partner when it comes to developing special-purpose vehicles. We have been working hand in hand with a broad range of OEMs since 2003 making the necessary modifications to production vehicles – from concept, production-ready development and prototyping to process integration for development and production.

And this is no mean challenge: Alongside other components, for instance, public-authority vehicles (like police, CID, command vehicles) also need fitting out with a custom-built control unit that serves as a gateway between standard and special functions – letting us provide additional functions by incorporating them into the vehicle’s complex interconnected systems. Working closely with OEMs, we also reinforce the chassis, make changes to the interior (such as switch trims for additional equipment) and prepare the exterior (roof mount for the signaling system). All the time making sure there is a perfect match between modifications and production vehicle.

Active involvement in standardization

In future, the CiA447 communication protocol is set to play an important part in the special-purpose vehicle. It is based on CAN principles and we have helped to standardize it: As a standard CANopen interface for special-purpose vehicles, it provides the perfect basis for connecting additional components across vehicle makes – facilitating equipment communication and diagnostics in the repair shop while also reducing the effort and cost involved in development. As you see, we are not only masters of every trade, we also know what is demanded in tomorrow’s special-purpose vehicles.