Vehicle Concepts

Hand in hand with you, we develop new concepts and provide support to the start of production

Our vehicle concepts experts provide you with support throughout the development process – from the initial idea to the production-ready vehicle. This kicks off with new functions. Knowing the market and your target groups, we can give you suggestions on new features. As a development partner with expertise in the entire vehicle, we also know how to implement them in practice.

Concept definition and visualization

In an initial step, we get together with you and develop a concept from the idea – for a new function, component, system or new vehicle. Using 2D or 3D animations, we bring the planned product to life at an early stage and assist you in choosing from different options. Our concept models – working samples that help you reach a decision – provide an even better impression.


We want to know as early as possible whether a concept can meet our customers’ specifications. This is why we simulate the concept draft in terms of its performance and efficiency. Here, many years of experience help us to evaluate the results of simulation and optimize the concept.

Construction of functioning concept vehicles

Proceeding from the concept, we begin by designing the components and assemblies – in cooperation with IAV experts in other disciplines, such as chassis and suspension, powertrain, electrics / electronics or prototyping. We make sure the product can be constructed by consistently applying the DMU process (digital mock-up). Later on, if necessary, we also use a physical mock-up (PMU). We develop and build fully functioning concept vehicles – either mules or all-new engineering configurations with their own design and innovative drive systems.