Audio and Voice

We develop sound systems and optimize hands-free communication

We have been working on in-vehicle sound systems, hands-free speaking equipment and speech recognition for many years. In the Advance Development department, we attend to defining the specifications for sound systems and new functions we implement in cooperation with suppliers on various target platforms. Our specialists provide support in production-ready development activities, assist in adapting sound systems to suit different vehicles and can oversee your project to the final release stage. Developed ourselves, we use a voice server in combination with subjective and objective evaluation methods – e.g. complying with VDA-Standard 1.6 – for fine-tuning hands-free systems so that in cooperation with suppliers and OEMs we can warranty optimum voice quality even at high road speeds.

Enhanced speech recognition and communication in the passenger compartment

We have developed an automated process for testing speech-recognition systems. Our experts record the full command sentence, blend it with in-car noises from various driving profiles and use it as the basis for testing the system’s recognition accuracy – reproducibly and without work-intensive and costly test drives. This provides us with an objective platform to compare different hardware and software development statuses. We can also provide support in relation to the communication that goes on among vehicle occupants. Our Digital Voice Enhancement System (DSV) records conversations, processes the data in a DSP and delivers signals back through loudspeakers. This allows vehicle occupants to converse even in highly sound-dampened vehicle interiors and at high traveling speeds without the driver having to turn his or her head to those sitting behind, or a passenger sitting at the back having to lean forward – this not only improves comfort but also helps to ensure greater safety in road traffic.