We make your vehicle quiet – while keeping an eye on lightweight design and pleasant acoustics

Passenger-compartment acoustics present developers with a dilemma: on the one hand, driving noise must not be too intrusive, on the other, occupants must still be able to hear each other speak while the vehicle is moving – making it important to avoid excessive insulation and creating an anechoic space. The best possible compromise can be achieved by combining different insulation materials: lightweight sandwich structures of foams, felts and heavy matting create pleasant acoustics in the passenger compartment. Our experts can investigate the way individual components interact and provide information on what effects insulation has on the driver.

On the trail of irritating noises

Irritating noises, such as rattling or squeaking, have an extremely negative effect on consumers and can do lasting damage to the image of a vehicle or brand. For this reason, we use cutting-edge measuring equipment to locate the causes – this is where the vast experience of our acoustics specialists also helps us. They have extensive knowledge of critical material pairs and keep a constant eye on the market, for instance, to find new plastics with good acoustic properties. At the moment, we are focusing particular attention on component grinding noises.