Interior / Details

We oversee the development of interior components to the point of mass production

A vehicle’s interior trim is the first thing potential buyers come into contact with. And even after they make a purchase, the interior components are key to determining whether passengers really do feel at ease in the vehicle interior. This is why the quality sun visors, carpets, center consoles or roofliners are developed in is crucial to the success of a new product. Together with our partners, we develop complete interiors, concentrating on the aspects of project control, interface management, simulation and testing. Given our comprehensive automotive expertise and detailed knowledge of production processes, we also oversee the production-ready development of interior components, such as seat systems, on behalf of our clients.

Uncompromising tests under extreme conditions

Exactly how well a new component works is something it then needs to prove in our numerous test rigs: We examine the behavior of all components in our climate chambers, also under extreme conditions – using a unique robot system, for example, we can test the buttons and switches used for air-conditioning, on the center console or for the navigation system at temperatures from -40 to 85 degrees Celsius, while recording detailed force-travel plots. This way, you can be sure your vehicle satisfies every occupants’ wish even when temperatures are extremely low or high.