Seat Systems

The seat is one of the most complex components in the whole vehicle. IAV develops complete seat systems and has extensive testing facilities.

The aim in developing seat systems is to provide an ergonomic and relaxed posture so that even longer journeys do not lead to physical discomfort. IAV has already demonstrated that it is capable of developing complete seat systems. Using a new adjustment principle, the innovative “RealFlex” concept adapts to people of different heights and stature. On a journey, several main support zones prevent muscular fatigue while vehicle occupants are seated – using variable upholstered elements, these can be adapted to suit any individual. Located between the upholstered elements, clear zones provide passive air-conditioning and prevent heat from building up between body and seat.

State-of-the-art testing facilities

Our laboratory allows us to put seat systems through detailed testing – such as strain using a buttock mock-up, or the seat-adjustment mechanism which needs to work properly throughout vehicle life. To do this, we conduct automated durability tests that can last up to a week before they are evaluated by computer. Our experts can also carry out extended studies to analyze the play and stiffness of seat systems. In testing, we mainly use internally developed test benches with which we can cover all of the conditions that are stipulated in test specifications. Our experts are currently working on new test benches for validating materials. These let us examine the durability of seat covers, for example. With their many years of experience, our experts can quickly say whether a seat satisfies all stability criteria – from seat frame to cover.