Engine Algorithm Calibration

Calibrating powertrain management, we optimize vehicle performance and drivability

We calibrate all powertrain functions of relevance at production level: emissions, fuel consumption, power development, noise, cold and warm starting as well as on-board diagnostics. Our calibration makes sure that every potential is exploited in terms of emissions, power output, consumption, acoustics, drivability and robustness.

Our aim is to reduce the work involved in calibration by using efficient calibration methods and intelligent tools – while at the same time meeting all calibration requirements. This is why we use available simulation models as a means of providing optimum support in calibration.

Worldwide, we have over 800 experienced members of staff specialized in calibrating powertrain management. Senior project managers holding PMP certification head the teams and train the rising generation of calibration engineers. Several thousand successful production starts at international OEMs in Europe, USA and Asia are testimony to the quality of IAV calibration.

Our Services:

  • Optimize engine parameters both online and offline using DoE (EasyDoE®) and physical models on 39 engine test benches
  • Calibrate control units using diverse tools (INCA®, CalDesk®, ATI VISION®, CANape®, …)
  • Calibrate vehicles on roller dynamometers
  • Configure powertrains, including hybrid, on the powertrain test bench
  • Conduct cold-starting and component tests in cold chambers
  • Ensure calibration quality on the basis of reproducible, partially automated vehicle calibration using CaliAV®
  • Create and generate datasets with CalGuide®
  • Design exhaust-gas aftertreatment systems on the synthetic-gas test bench
  • Design turbochargers on the hot-gas test bench
  • Validate OBD calibration with statistical methods
  • Conduct calibration processes and releases in compliance with ISO 9001