Exhaust Gas Aftertreatment

We develop complete systems for exhaust-gas aftertreatment

The emission standards for diesel and spark-ignition engines are getting tighter all the time and demanding new technical solutions. Our specialists in exhaust gas aftertreatment can help you with this challenge and provide support throughout the development process – from the initial concept to release for mass production. We start out by conducting a detailed analysis of requirements – while also taking account of interactions in the vehicle as an overall system – as well as the demands of different markets. During the development process, we use simulations to compare various options at an early stage and develop models for control strategies with our own tools, such as “VeloDyn”, “KATsim” and “AxiSuite”. On our synthetic-gas test benches, we can study catalytic converters under reproducible conditions and help you select suppliers. We also have test benches for SCR systems and can analyze spray formation and optimize the mixing systems. Our developers calibrate the exhaust-gas aftertreatment components and optimize their interaction. We take care of developing and calibrating on-board diagnostic systems – as the largest independent provider in this field. At the end of the development process, we validate the entire system in demonstrator vehicles or in fleet tests.

Optimizing exhaust gas aftertreatment while cutting fuel consumption

In our advance development activities, we are currently focusing our attention on all kinds of innovative catalyst, reducing-agent supply and particulate filter concepts, their integration and the development of accelerated-aging techniques. We are also working on optimizing model-based closed-loop control systems that can reduce fuel consumption while keeping exhaust gas aftertreatment at a constantly high quality and, in some, cases, also cutting back on sensors.