We develop start-to-finish concepts for the electric vehicle

Rising noticeably, the demand for electric vehicles is being encouraged with financial incentives. What we need are e-vehicles that make only few compromises in terms of ecology, cruising range and price – coupled with safety, quality, driving pleasure and ride comfort. To meet these demands and exploit all the benefits of the electric powertrain effectively, much of the vehicle concept must be re-defined. This requires a strong and competent engineering partner.

IAV has many years of experience in developing electric, fuel-cell and hybrid vehicles. We have been handling projects for electrically propelled study, concept and production vehicles since as long ago as 1990. Doing so, we have overcome many challenges that are now benefiting our clients in the form of our know-how. On top of this, IAV has expertise in the entire vehicle because all of the disciplines involved work with each other very closely. We are not only in full command of new technologies, such as the e-motor, power electronics or the traction battery, but our specialized departments also develop the adjustments the e-vehicle makes necessary to existing systems. This means we can provide our clients with support across the entire process involved in developing an electric vehicle – from the concept phase to approved prototype and start of production.