Internal Combustion Engine

Between emissions and costs: We have the challenges in developing internal combustion engines firmly in focus

Internal combustions engine will remain the chief source of propulsion for automobiles and light commercial vehicles for decades to come. We are hard at work on reducing fuel consumption and emissions from these engines while harmonizing product costs, quality and other product attributes consumers find important. To do this, our developers are focusing on downsizing, improved combustion processes as well as variable valve and cranktrains – never losing sight of their suitability for application in mass production. We are also pushing new trends in exhaust-gas aftertreatment and alternative fuels. This is where we combine our hardware competency with our expertise in control units and software.

We use a wide range of different simulation and optimization methods at all phases of the development process with a view to meeting the complexity of today’s powertrains. We can also draw on modern and highly automated test benches. We find the best possible solutions because IAV understands and has expertise in the entire vehicle. And we never lose sight of the costs either – our goal being top quality at marketable prices.