Powertrain Electronics

We develop the right electronics solution and algorithms for any drive concept

IAV is well acquainted with all energy, drive or engine management systems. With our overall understanding of the powertrain, we also produce innovative concepts, such as for hybrid, all-electric or fuel cell drives. We create the hardware and software, functions, algorithms, models, simulations and diagnostic systems. When it comes to introducing them into mass production, we provide calibrations for OBD, diagnostics and all driving functions. We also examine the application of new control-engineering methods we generate in close cooperation with universities and other institutes of higher education.

Working on an interdisciplinary basis, our powertrain electronic engineers bring together the expertise for production-level projects and develop for manufacturers worldwide. Given our broad background of experience in all drive variations, our own advance-development activities and an established methodological approach, we also satisfy the most exacting demands on efficiency and quality in our project work.