Fleet Management

We make optimum use of every kilometer driven on test drives

New technologies and systems are seeing more and more electronic components being interconnected in the vehicle. The complexity of functions, high level of connectivity and use of many different bus systems are increasing the probability of malfunctions and also the work involved in analyzing faults – this is why testing system integration in the vehicle as well as validating and releasing all functions and components is more important than ever before. From our many years of experience, we have built up comprehensive expertise in fleet testing – including hybrid and electric vehicles. In our test drives on four continents and in all climate zones we have covered no less than around 20 million kilometers measuring data.

Recording and analyzing data measured

We can give you the full range of services on a one-stop shop basis – but can also climb on board at any particular point in the process where you require support. At the end of testing, you are provided with detailed reports covering the entire fleet, every single vehicle as well as on the various systems used in the vehicle that can then be released on the basis of our reports. But there is no need to wait until then: Using the Internet, you can access your data at any time on our measurement data platform and even re-configure the measurement technology. Developed in-house, our “AMeDA” analysis tool helps us identify irregularities at any time – the software quickly and reliably checks even several terrabytes of data for patterns that suggest anomalies.

This is what we do:

  • Devise testing concepts
  • Provide pool of test users / trained drivers
  • Organize fleet and test drives
  • Select and install measuring equipment as well as provide adapter lines
  • Take responsibility for carrying out tests
  • Analyze and pursue anomalies until rectified
  • Evaluate measurement data automatically
  • Compile tailored reports