Mechanical System and Endurance Testing

We invest a lot of time making sure your engine can go into production free from faults

Engine mechanics

Our team attends to all aspects of engine mechanics, such as valve train and timing gear dynamics as well as engine component friction. For conducting primary research on friction bearings, we benefit from a unique test bench that allows us to analyze individual friction bearings under loads similar to those encountered in the engine. The results are channeled into developing our own simulation tools.

Engine function systems

We analyze systems, such as oil, cooling and ventilation circuits – even under the harshest of climatic conditions. On our low-temperature test bench and our low-temperature roller dynamometer, engines need to demonstrate that their systems work perfectly even at low temperatures.

Acoustics and vibration

On our acoustics test bench we locate individual noise sources inside the engine and identify those components that give rise to unwanted noises and vibrations. Together with our colleagues from Design and Computation, we develop countermeasures to find the optimum engine sound.

Function endurance testing

We test the engine’s fundamental properties in function endurance tests – such as the engine’s oil consumption or cylinder head gasket leakage. And it makes no difference either which fuel is involved: Besides gasoline, diesel and gaseous fuels, we also work with bio-fuels as well as fuels blended with ethanol.

Release endurance testing

To pass release endurance testing, the engine must prove that it works properly as an overall system. We can take care of the entire process for you - from procuring components to testing and analyzing test results as well as documentation and commenting on releasing components for introduction into mass production. To predict engine damage, we analyze oil samples from endurance testing in our own laboratory.

Vehicle endurance testing

Whether on the test track or public roads: Vehicle endurance testing is another one of our services in which we test engine operation in line with your specifications to evaluate the suitability of components for use in mass production. Our experts will also be pleased to come to you and conduct all tests directly on location – wherever you are in the world.