Passenger Cars and Vans

Staying on target is easier with our expertise in the entire vehicle

From state-of-the-art combustion engines to electric and hybrid powertrains, and from optimized transmissions to every facet of vehicle development and automotive electronics – IAV can provide you with support across the value chain and give you services on a one-stop-shop basis: Our specialists in powertrains, vehicle integration, exteriors, interiors, vehicle safety, chassis, cockpits, vehicle electronics, mobility, product life cycle and e-traction all work together on your projects as a team. Behind this is the recognition that today’s boundary conditions in the automotive industry – such as tighter emission standards, new mobility concepts and the demands of new markets – make pooling expertise essential. We do precisely this in our integrated approach to development. It boosts our ability to resolve problems and brings greater efficiency to our development services. For you, this means: IAV puts together a team of specialists for every project to guarantee excellent development results every time. Because in the future too, we want to be among the world‘s best in every walk of vehicle and powertrain development.

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