Data Analysis

Our team secures and analyzes your documents and helps your defense team in cases dealing with product liability or patent infringements. This service will also assist you in the face of government requests that demand swift, precise reaction. In a multi-stage process, we obtain all documents relevant to the particular lawsuit and process them accordingly for your legal representatives, thus laying the foundation for your best possible defense in court or when dealing with the authorities.

In the USA in particular, you will face very high penalties if you miss the deadline for submitting data. IAV will help you to make the best possible preparations for a lawsuit, thus giving you far better chances of success. eDiscovery pools all relevant electronic documents such as presentations, reports, e-mails, voicemails or design plans, analyzing their significance for the pending court proceedings. After obtaining your approval, these are then forwarded to your attorneys, the court, the authorities or the plaintiff.

Our team always handles your data with great care and confidentiality, strictly in accordance with the requirements of the German Telecommunications Act. Reliability, data protection and a particularly sensitive approach to handling personal data are for us a matter of course.

Technical know-how for lawsuit preparation

You can profit from IAV's automotive expertise when preparing your lawsuit: in cooperation with our technical divisions, we are in a position to make an expert appraisal of exactly how significant the contents of documents are: something that cannot be done by legal firms or pure IT service providers in the field of eDiscovery. Our team has been involved in this way for car manufacturers and suppliers for seven years now, also working directly on behalf of international law firms in the United Kingdom and in the USA.