Powertrain Concepts

From benchmarking to prototype: Powertrains from a single provider

The first thing we do when we start to develop a new powertrain is analyze the competition: The “IAV engine knowledge database” gives our benchmarking experts access to information on all vehicles, engines and transmissions that are currently on the market. The “CSM Autobase” provides us with well-founded forecasts on future trends. And if you want to know how other companies’ products are configured, we also take components completely apart – not only letting us evaluate their design but also cost them.

In selecting the best transmissions, our specialists use a tool we have developed ourselves that finds a solution that is not only cost-effective but also saves space and weight – even for eight or nine speeds. Using 1D and 3D simulations, we can give you reliable forecasts at an early stage on the powertrain’s performance, fuel consumption, acoustics and life span. Our simulation specialists also constantly work on improving methods for “virtual releases”.

Throughout the development process, our experts are also at your side when it comes to cost engineering – their profound knowledge of production processes guarantees that cost management is integrated in your project from the word go. And at the end of the development process, you can see how the new powertrain performs in a prototype – since 1995, we have set up around 1,000 prototype vehicles and engines for all manner of applications and clients.