Powertrain NVH

Rattle, jolting and hum do not stand a chance – our specialists ensure pleasant background noise in the vehicle

Modern vehicles not only need to be economical but comfortable too. In particular, this includes agreeable acoustics in the passenger compartment. Occupants are to hear and feel as little of the engine’s work as possible. Our NVH specialists (noise, vibration, harshness) make sure that powertrain vibration entering the vehicle interior through the bearings is kept to a minimum. To do this, they simulate the powertrain’s dynamic and acoustic behavior and, on the basis of mathematical optimizations, recommend the best possible layout for powertrain mounts, clutch and transmission – the latter, for example, can provide a pleasant driving feel by configuring it with optimized flywheels or in the form of a dual-clutch transmission. Special test benches support the development process.

Optimum comfort in hybrid vehicles too

Our work also concentrates on recent developments in electromobility – for instance, the exacting demands on comfort in the passenger compartment also apply to mild hybrids with their automatic start-stop system. In this case too, occupants expect to hear and feel as little as possible of the engine shutting down and starting up. Diesel engines are a particular challenge in this regard. But with its vast experience and state-of-the-art development tools, our NVH team provides the ideal basis for delivering the answers. The focus here is on reducing disturbance from new noise sources – such as the e-motor.