Product Data Management

We never lose sight of the overall picture even in complex projects

Vehicle components are growing in complexity all the time – a trend that’s moving forward in the wake of increasing model and variant diversity. This is presenting a major challenge in managing product data: Developers are not only measured by designing optimum engine layouts but also by the need to document versions and derivatives correctly. Constant modifications during the development phase give rise to ever-changing parts lists that need managing and updating on a central basis from the word go.

Managing all data from a central point

This is where our specialists do their job in managing product data: On the one hand, they can build their own databases providing product information that is always up to date and available to a whole team of developers – to do this, for example, we use team data managers, like “Pro/Intralink” for ProEngineer as well as project-data hubs, such as “ProjectLink”. Yet on the other, we can also use tools our clients have developed to their own specifications. This is where our many years of experience come in useful as a development partner to many OEMs across the globe – in the meantime, we are familiar with every detail of our clients’ processes and know how to meet them. Our specialists also pass their expertise on and give manufacturers and suppliers advice in building their own processes for managing product data.