Cost Engineering

Cost management should begin in the early development process. This is where our experts can help you.

Costs are playing an increasingly important part in developing components. Our cost engineering experts work out the costs of producing combustion engine, hybrid and transmission system components at an early project stage – integrating cost management right from the start of a development activity. Proceeding from a detailed component analysis, we describe the production processes and draw up a work plan. Taking this as a basis, our experts ascertain the project’s material costs, production costs and tool costs with a high level of accuracy. To do this, we draw on a database with the latest market data, internally developed tools and the knowledge from our pool of experts.

Competency pool

Our aim is to evaluate costs and function as a whole. This is why the experts in cost engineering at IAV work closely with our components experts. In cost engineering, we combine methodological skills with a sound knowledge of production processes and IAV’s development expertise – enabling us to provide optimum support for our customers’ decision-making processes in development, product strategy and purchasing.

We can offer you the following services:

Cost analysis in development

  • Bottom-up costing while allowing for different technological and production options
  • Version comparison, concept comparison
  • Establishing modification costs
  • Decision-making support in selecting suppliers
  • Site comparison

Competitor engine and systems benchmarking

  • Teardown of engines or assemblies
  • Technical assessment
  • Cost evaluation
  • Best-practice recommendation and assessment of potential

Product cost optimization

  • Cost-driver analysis
  • Expert workshops, value analysis in cross-functional teams with designers and cost engineers
  • Design revision or re-designing and assessment of cost-reducing potential
  • Measures prioritization and monitoring
  • Support in production-ready development activities