Package / DMU

State-of-the-art tools help us define the best possible position and package for powertrains

Space in modern vehicles is coming at an increasing premium because the powertrain, with its many components, is growing in complexity all the time – a real challenge for our package experts. Particularly in hybrid vehicles, with their two side-by-side propulsion modes, integrating the additional systems – such as the power electronics – is no easy job. To accommodate as many parts as possible in the space that is available, we use tools, like Catia V5 and Pro/E. With them, we can reproduce the virtual powertrain, including all components, such as the entire air-intake system, cooling and even wiring and hoses, in extreme detail and find the best possible position for every single part.

A digital mockup (DMU) provides us with the basis for evaluating optimum package usage. As specialists in production-ready development, we make sure all components are ideally positioned – including the ability to accommodate components in terms of geometry and actually fixing them in position. To ensure production gets off to a smooth start, we maintain close contact with our clients and cooperate with suppliers right up to the start of production.

Never losing sight of dynamic influences

We realize, of course, powertrains are not static in nature. While the vehicle is traveling along, all parts are in motion as a result of roadway excitations or engine torque. We take account of these dynamic influences on package in the same way as we do in relation to matching noise generation to vehicle type. During the development process, we also ensure professional  data management – allowing us to provide our clients with every item of information that is needed for validating the process in good time and with the necessary level of confidentiality.