Control Unit Hardware

We provide our clients with support in developing control units from the first functioning prototype to start of production

To make control units (engine control units, transmission control units, power electronics etc.) available in good time for newly developed powertrains, our powertrain electronics engineers and software experts develop both the hardware as well as the basic and calibration software for initial prototype and extra-low volume production vehicles in-house. This is done using efficient tools. For example, IAV-MPEC, a prototype control unit, can be combined with FI2RE, a tool for actuating injectors, to carry out rapid prototyping. As near-production hardware, we use our NanoPCM that can be adapted to different system boundary conditions at short notice.

Besides rapid-prototyping solutions, IAV also covers all other phases from A sample to the start of production and in-production support. Our developers benefit from extensive experience with the hardware-related demands placed by the different mechatronic subsystems on the electronics as well as associated implementation in the control unit.

Our Services:

  • Hardware development: IAV’s own prototyping systems, development of control units for extra-low volume production vehicles
  • Configuration of sensor and actuators systems
  • Concept, algorithm and software development: open and closed-loop control algorithms for new systems and components
  • Test in compliance with vehicle-manufacturer guidelines in the laboratory, on the engine test bench and in test drives
  • Supplier qualification
  • Supplier management and rating