E-Drive Management

Our powertrain-management systems competently get the efficiency and torque of electric drives onto the road

On account of their experience with combustion engines, drivers of electric vehicles place high expectations on driving dynamics, cruising range and comfort. They want to drive on electric power but are not prepared to accept compromises on drivability. The powertrain management system makes sure the driver’s request is interpreted accordingly and met by the electric drive in the optimum way. This is where internal information, such as battery charge state, and external information, like journey profile, must be taken into account for reasons of safety and optimizing consumption.

We develop the algorithms and software for efficient and reliable e-vehicle powertrain management systems. Using our own IAVcon prototype control unit, we can quickly implement and verify the basic software and algorithms for controlling a prototype. We then develop the algorithms as far as the finished, production-ready software.

Our range of services:

  • Develop powertrain management systems (algorithm development, software development) to prototype and production level, including concept, specification, simulation, integration into control units and testing
  • Develop overarching strategies in relation to safety concepts and simulation
  • Carry out HiL and MiL simulation and validate software
  • Calibrate systems being integrated into the vehicle
  • Conduct field tests
  • Provide support after the start of production