OBD Development

We have many years of experience in developing algorithms, production-level calibration and certification for meeting different OBD demands the world over

We have been a reliable partner to our clients for many years in satisfying the plethora of demands (USA, Europe etc.) on OBD systems. We have been able to demonstrate our expertise across the globe and in widely differing vehicle concepts. Our specialists are familiar with relevant national emission and OBD legislation, using this as the basis for defining concepts and production-ready solutions for new algorithms and translating them into functions. We develop OBD functions for any powertrain in-house or in cooperation with our clients. They are enhanced for project and production suitability.

Our aim is to develop a robust, overall OBD system. With this in mind, we gather all test-mule and pilot-production vehicle data from the initial development phase to project completion. These data provide a statistical basis for efficient evaluation and robustness analysis.

Our OBD Capacities:

  • Collating and analyzing statutory requirements
  • Evaluating applicable ISO / SAE standards
  • Defining specifications, developing strategies and algorithms for diagnostics
  • Testing software and hardware in the control unit
  • Basic calibration, validation
  • Reproducing emission flow on exhaust-emission roller dynamometer and engine test bench
  • Validating performance in test drives (altitude, high temperature, low temperature)
  • Validation in endurance testing
  • Endurance evaluation for validating calibration
  • Optimizing OBD functions in relation to in-use-performance ratio
  • Providing support with documenting certification
  • Carrying out OBD demonstrations and production vehicle evaluation (PVE)
  • Developing or simulating limit sample components
  • Analyzing OBD fault entries in the field and defining remedial action
  • Integrating OBD into service diagnostics and production processes