Release and Production Support

Providing support in powertrain control calibration for production vehicles, we help clients reduce complaints

Providing support in powertrain control calibration after the start of production, we assist our clients in analyzing anomalies and work out remedial action. We evaluate the trouble focus in screening and analyzing complaints. We feed the resultant findings into ongoing projects with the aim of reducing complaints and avoiding them in future projects. Production support always has a close link with production-level calibration and algorithm development, making it possible to develop any necessary solutions as and when required.

Our failure-effects analysis is a service tailored specifically to reducing costs: By analyzing damage that occurs during operation, we differentiate the way damage causes are documented in the workshop guidelines. This can often significantly reduce the work and cost of rectifying damage – instead of a whole assembly, it may only be necessary to replace a single module.

Our Services:

  • EOL vehicle inspection instructions
  • Gather and statistically evaluate engine-specific data at the end of the line and in the field
  • Examine complaint vehicles
  • Analyze faults on the basis of measurements using drive recorder and diagnostic systems
  • Provide solutions, customer service support
  • Track remedial action
  • Analyze failure effects