Sensors and Actuators

IAV takes care of the process for developing a vehicle’s underhood sensor and actuators

On behalf of our clients, we assume responsibility for the entire process of developing underhood sensor and actuators systems. This includes formulating concepts, compiling and reviewing specifications, requirements management, testing and validating electric components, conducting and evaluating laboratory and vehicle endurance tests as well as analyzing failed parts. We evaluate and manage suppliers and monitor component qualification.

Our area of expertise:

Sensor systems

  • Temperature and pressure sensor systems
  • Media sensor systems (fuel, air mass, water)
  • Oil sensor systems
  • Camshaft / crankshaft sensor systems (rotational speed and position)
  • Exhaust-gas sensor systems (e.g. lambda, NOx, exhaust-gas temperature and particulate matter)
  • Pedal travel sensor

Actuator systems:

  • Controllers, valves, flaps
  • Radiator fans, pumps, plug heating, ignition coils

We have a comprehensive range of facilities in-house for evaluating, testing and analyzing components. Our testing capacities:

  • Various testing facilities (e.g. for pressure, temperature, lambda, engine speed, acceleration, friction, torque)
  • Synthetic gas test bench for steady-state and dynamic tests on oxygen and NOx sensors
  • Radiator-fan test bench
  • Several climate and temperature chambers
  • Well-equipped chemistry laboratory
  • Equipment for analyzing components: grinding and polishing table, exposing ASICs, microscope
  • Special measuring equipment for (mobile) vehicle measurements

Our profound expertise enables us to define the component-specific tests required by VDA specifications and environmental testing standard LV 124 and specify the method to employ. Our competencies also include planning, setting up and commissioning automated test benches. We can also construct these for specific measurement campaigns as well as on behalf of our clients.

Our members of staff benefit from many years of experience in projects for well-known vehicle manufacturers as well as from comprehensive process and component-related expertise. They work on their own responsibility and initiative and in close cooperation with the specialists from related departments at IAV.