System Architecture and Powertrain Design

We define the concept and specification for the system architecture of complete powertrains

On the system architecture front, our developers make sure that in defining concepts, data flows and interfaces, full compatibility is given. The system architecture provides the basis for extending, upgrading and re-using systems – this is where all entire combinations of engine, transmission and electrification must be taken into account. In most cases, the architecture is configured without any direct orientation toward acute project constraints so as to obtain a strategic and more sustainable concept for coming system generations.

Given our broad experience gathered over many years, we can develop OEM-specific solutions with the proficiency of a system supplier. With our powertrain electronics engineers working on an interdisciplinary basis, our own advance-development activities and an established methodological approach, we offer our clients a high level of competency and quality.

Our Services:

  • Design entire powertrain architectures and provide the specifications for them
  • Ensure compatibility with all powertrain variants and the option of expanding them
  • Define and implement powertrain safety concepts
  • Optimize resources throughout the system