Geometric Functional Integration

Vehicle package is getting ever tighter. We can accommodate even complex powertrains in a small installation space.

Geometric Functional Integration

Numerous projects with various manufacturers have already demonstrated that we can reliably accommodate even complex powertrains in a vehicle’s package. We have also gathered much experience with hybrid vehicles over recent years where space comes at a particular premium on account of additional components, such as battery and power electronics. Additional components for modern exhaust-gas aftertreatment systems or roll stabilizer, for example, limit space further.

Using state-of-the-art CAD tools and product-data management systems, we produce three-dimensional digital concepts of the modules that need to be integrated. Proceeding from these digital mock-ups (DMU), we can determine where components collide with package boundaries and find appropriate module variants.

Our expertise covers the entire integration process:

  • Analysis and definition of package requirements
  • Motion analysis by simulating load cases
  • Concept studies
  • Package analysis
  • Powertrain integration
  • Adherence to assembly and installation specifications
  • Coordination between supplier and manufacturer

Close Cooperation with IAV Specialists

Our expertise puts us in a position to find the right space for any component. Our experts coordinate their work closely with their colleagues from other IAV departments, such as the pollutant systems, hybridization and base engine specialists. It is only this understanding of all systems that produces optimum solutions.