Exhaust Gas Aftertreatment

We integrate EAT systems into heavy-duty powertrains for on-road and off-road applications

Our syngas test benches put us in a position to analyze the complex reaction kinetics inside catalytic converters. Ascertained using catalyst samples, this behavior then provides the basic data required for simulating exhaust gas aftertreatment, for designing package and coating and for automating control unit calibration. Optimum conversion rates on a minimum of fuel and AdBlue can only be achieved by viewing the overall system of engine and exhaust gas aftertreatment to obtain the best possible balance.

Besides calibrating dosing strategies for SCR systems or detecting particulate filter system loading, we also provide calibrations for intelligent exhaust gas temperature management and optimized regeneration strategies. We carry out the standardized emission cycles for homologation (US, EU and Japan) on our own test benches, which benefit from state-of-the-art exhaust emission measuring systems.

We use various simulation tools for calibration. This gives us reliable information on the efficiency of exhaust gas aftertreatment at early stages of the development process, and lets us optimize the way in which components interact. As a result, we can minimize the number of iterations needed and ensure cost efficiency for our clients. In addition to analyzing the overall system, we can also conduct detailed analyses, e.g. in relation to even ammonia distribution in the SCR catalyst, and verify these on the basis of special tests.