Powertrain Electronics

We develop customized functions and algorithms for powertrain control units in commercial vehicles

We implement innovations in powertrain technology by taking new functionalities on control units to the point of manufacturing readiness. Our development work in commercial-vehicle powertrains focuses on developing software and functions for engine, transmission, exhaust gas aftertreatment and diagnostic algorithms. With structures growing in complexity all the time and being increasingly model-based, consideration must also be given to calibratability in the overall context. This is why IAV uses closely interacting project teams from Electronics, Thermodynamics and Calibration for developing algorithms.

Our software and algorithm developers benefit from broad expertise in developing open-loop and closed-loop control strategies at prototype and volume production level. In addition to manual algorithm coding, we also make extensive use of automatic code generation with software development systems, such as MATLAB / Simulink.

Using the MPEC and IAVcon prototype control units developed in-house, we can validate and verify the basic software and the algorithms for controlling a prototype powertrain. This puts us in a position to operate any internal combustion engine on the test bench – long before a control unit supplier is available for volume production. And the transmission software developed by IAV can be used for controlling any automatic transmission. It contains all of the key functions featured in modern transmission software. The strategy layer of clutch control is based on torque. Subordinate actuator control uses physical plant parameters, significantly reducing calibration work.

In developing the software and algorithms for systems and diagnostic functions critical to safety in the powertrain, we take account of the requirements defined in ISO 26262 on the functional safety of road vehicles. We work with AUTOSAR-compliant systems, program in conformity with MAAB and provide software handling in line with SPICE.