We design, develop, test, integrate and calibrate transmission systems and their complex controllers worldwide – from the initial idea to the perfected and cost-effective volume product

The various transmission systems provide different potentials for optimizing the overall powertrain – from the highly efficient dual-clutch transmission, with its kinship to manual and automated manual transmissions, to automatic transmission with their high power density, and the CVT which is capable of adjusting its gear ratio to suit any road speed. Hybridization is adding even greater complexity to selecting the optimum powertrain configuration. This is why IAV’s experts employ unique tools for generating and evaluating new powertrains. Compared with the state of the art, powertrain concepts from IAV provide a higher level of functionality while using fewer components. And we know: Lowering strain on the mechanical parts is essential to providing compact transmission design.

Systematic, computer-aided transmission synthesis

To develop future transmission systems, we use unique, computer-based synthesis programs that generate all conventional and hybrid driveline structures and identify the best solutions for the particular application in hand. Applying clearly defined methods, we develop transmissions that give our clients the basis for manufacturing innovative and competitive volume products.

Transmission design

To get the optimum transmission design, we rely on our particular strengths: close interaction with all of the development and production departments involved as well as our broad experience in product range and vendor management. Our activities range from designing transmissions and laying out hydraulic components to system integration and mechanical validation.