We can support you in optimizing diagnostic systems and software updates

IAV is at your side after production starts too: Our experts in after-sales, for example, develop diagnostic systems for garage workshops – from requirements management and specification to testing software and from providing roll-out assistance to support for the user. We are also the right address when it comes to updating the software for production control units. Hand in hand with the specialized department responsible, we coordinate the process with the developers and customer service. This makes sure, for example, that only the correct software version is ever fed into the customer-service database – with the number of vehicle models growing all the time, this is a highly complex matter these days. Added to this are the different demands from the world’s markets: We work closely with the importers and manufacturing plants, and provide training to acquaint them with all new developments.

Dynamic fault trees set to improve tomorrow’s service quality

To make work easier in garage workshops, we develop and constantly improve trees for diagnosing faults. Today, these search trees are largely static in structure – in future, they will be dynamic with the capability of adapting to changes, such as to a different supplier and the associated variation in fault probability. Experience with our initial prototypes has shown that dynamic fault trees can solve problems far more quickly and noticeably improve the quality of service.