Quality Assurance

We analyze your customer-service data and develop remedial action

Professional in-service monitoring avoids warranty costs and damage to your brand’s image. We can analyze your worldwide customer-service data and ascertain the most frequent fault causes. Linking different data sources permits the early identification of specific components, software versions or production months that are responsible for the problems. Together with the technical departments involved, we develop remedial action with a fixed schedule – for example, model-improvement measures that lend themselves as milestones for removing faults. Once the measures are in place, we track their effectiveness and suggest any further improvements that may be necessary.

Sensors and data loggers detect stubborn faults

We can also assist your service activity in relation to problems with a cause that cannot be identified in the workshop. An IAV team analyzes the customer vehicle on location at the dealership and, if necessary, installs additional measuring equipment, such as sensors and data loggers. When problems occur, the customer can then set a marker – that serves as the starting point for analysis in the workshop. Developed in-house, we use our own data loggers with UMTS link that give us a “live” picture of what is going on inside the vehicle. Vehicle data are analyzed using “AMeDa”, an IAV tool that automatically examines large quantities of data for fault signals. We also use this combination of data loggers and analysis software for vehicle validation: Our experts can put pilot-lot vehicles through fleet tests anywhere in the world. And IAV’s Quality Assurance department can also be of help if you wish to hand over responsibility for the quality of specific components to an external specialist. We can provide support throughout the development process from the initial concept to the start of production and assist you with all releases.