Work Preparation and Procurement

A detailed analysis of the task definition provides the basis for building prototypes

In the Work Preparation department, we consult with you on defining the scope of new construction and modification work, and produce a vehicle construction list. Beyond this, we also define the technical content as well as pinpoint potential problems in constructing vehicles, developing any necessary improvisational solutions. Holding all reports on every aspects of the project – such as parts lists, orders and modifications – our database ensures complete documentation. In work preparation, we benefit in particular from the expertise we have in the entire vehicle: Our experts can immediately tell, for instance, whether all components are compatible. And they devote meticulous attention even to seemingly unimportant components, such as screws or seals – because they too have an effect on the way the prototype functions. This approach makes life easier in the workshop and guarantees the reliability and sustainability of prototypes.

We identify the best suppliers – for prototypes and later mass production

Once the Work Preparation department has drawn up the parts list for the prototype, we contact suppliers, obtain quotes or tenders and place the orders. This is where we benefit from our precise knowledge of the market: Our experts know exactly which companies are the most suitable for a specific component – in addition to established production-level suppliers, consideration is also given to prototype-level vendors we have been working closely with for many years. In specific instances, we also order components from companies specializing in modeling and rapid prototyping. As we are flexible and not confined to any one particular system in our work, delivery times are noticeably shortened. Given our many years of experience in purchasing components, we can invite tenders for mass production toward the end of the development process.