Like all of our testing facilities, our component test benches are optimized for achieving development targets quickly while placing exacting demands on quality – without losing sight of the costs. There is hardly a component that is not tested in detail at IAV: Thermographic measurements allow our developers to optimize heating and air-conditioning systems. Seats are exposed to thousands of impacts. Hydraulic and pneumatic systems expose hoods, doors and even sun visors to rigorous load tests.

The demands on the turbocharger are particularly extreme. Whereas it needs to withstand exhaust gas at a temperature of over 1,000 degrees on the one hand, it must also cope with the flow of cool ambient air on the other – and do so in an extremely confined space. Our turbocharger test bench provides our developers with the capability of accurately simulating the engine environment. This can be used for a wide range of different applications, including thermal-shock tests, leakage gas measurements and the exact determination of oil consumption.

IAV operates a wide range of test benches for testing and optimizing diesel and gasoline-engine injection processes. They allow our development engineers to conduct precision measurements of injected fuel quantities and pressure profiles. This is done by simulating all or part of the engine environment.

Alongside the actual battery, management systems play a key part in improving the cruising range of electric vehicles. What level can a specific battery discharge to? What effect do charging cycles have on battery life? Our developers are at work on our battery test benches every day optimizing tomorrow’s battery systems.