Concept Development

Using state-of-the-art tools, we generate transmission systems with perfectly balanced ratio ranges and intelligent operating strategies

To develop future transmission systems, we use unique, computer-based synthesis programs that generate all conventional and hybrid transmission structures and find the best solutions for the application in hand. This search process allows us to provide our clients with new, optimized transmission structures for extremely compact, low-load transmissions with high gear spacing, very good gear stepping, simple shift logic for flexible shift strategies and maximum levels of efficiency.

For evaluating concepts and designing systems, we can draw on a wide range of resources, such as IAV’s engine knowledge database with extensive transmission and hybrid database, our conclusive benchmark analyses and our profound expertise in simulating longitudinal dynamics. Diverse software tools, an efficient prototyping activity and our own transmission control-unit platform ensure fast realization and a high level of concept maturity.

Our Areas of Competence:

  • Developing concepts for complete transmission systems for conventional, hybrid and all-electric drives
  • IAV engine knowledge database, benchmark studies, technology and market analyses
  • Powertrain layout and system design
  • Analyzing potentials and assessing targets on the basis of longitudinal-dynamics simulation
  • IAV transmission synthesis for new, optimized transmissions structures
  • Concept design and prototype construction
  • Production-cost analysis in the early development process (cost engineering)
  • IAV prototype transmission control unit IAVCon®
  • Developing prototype function software
  • Preconfigured operating strategies
  • Rapid calibration optimization

IAV concepts with an innovative edge

Front-transverse applications:

  • Eight-speed hybrid automatic transmission: 8H-AT350
  • Eight-speed hybrid dual-clutch transmission: 8H-DCT450
  • Nine-speed hybrid dual clutch transmission: 9H-DCT450
  • Electrical power-split transmission: DualDrive® eCVT350

Longitudinal applications:

  • Eight-speed hybrid automatic transmission: 8H-AT500
  • Nine-speed dual-clutch transmission: 9-DCT300

Alternative axle drives:

  • Active hybrid rear axle: ActiveRA-H60
  • Electric drive unit with two speeds: DrivePacEV80®