Hybrid Systems

We give our clients everything that is involved in developing hybrid powertrains on a one-stop shop basis

We are one of the leading system integrators for hybrid vehicles and benefit from experience and expertise in all of the disciplines involved in hybrid development. We do not only develop components, such as transmissions, electric machine with power electronics and battery but also control systems and their integration to create full hybrid systems. Working hand in hand with prominent manufacturers and suppliers, we generate innovative solutions and optimize the development processes involved while taking new and modified hybrid powertrains to the point of mass production.

Excerpt from our client references:

  • Audi
  • BMW
  • Daimler
  • GM
  • Porsche
  • PSA
  • Volkswagen
  • ZF

IAV concepts with a competitive edge:

Passenger car front-cross applications:

  • Eight-speed hybrid automatic transmission: 8H-AT350
  • Eight-speed hybrid dual-clutch transmission: 8H-DCT450
  • Nine-speed hybrid dual-clutch transmission: 9H-DCT450
  • Electric power-split transmission: DualDrive® eCVT350

Longitudinal passenger car applications:

  • Eight-speed hybrid automatic transmission: 8H-AT50

Hybrid axle drives:

  • Active hybrid rear axle: ActiveRA-H60