Mechanical and Software Testing

We validate all transmission components and the overall system on our test benches and in our testing laboratories

Mechanical system testing

We measure transmission characteristics from the first load-collective measurement to the start of production on the basis of specification requirements and customer-specific test criteria. These include function and endurance tests on components, transmission systems and entire powertrains, validating resistance to misuse and evaluating acoustics. Proceeding from objective criteria, we examine and optimize the shift comfort of manual transmissions and selection comfort of automatic transmissions using the selector shift pedal measurement system (SSPM) developed by IAV.

We conduct testing on our own test benches that are equipped with state-of-the-art measurement systems. Validation drives carried out under extreme conditions (summer, winter, altitude) complement the test series. After analyzing results, we take them as the basis for defining optimization measures to save costs and improve efficiency. Our clients can build on our engineers’ many years of experience with all transmission types – particularly in analyzing roller bearings, gearings and synchronizers. As part of the support we provide at production level, we analyze user complaints and define measures for optimizing transmissions already in the field or still to be shipped out.

Software testing

We test the transmission’s control and diagnostic software at various stages of the development process. This is where we work with “White-Box-Tests” on the basis of modeled structures as well as with “Black-Box-Tests” for testing algorithms in control units. Wherever possible, we substitute or supplement expensive test drives with simulation – such as HiL simulation.

The use of a test-management system, such as HP Quality Center, is an integral part of the testing process. Holding International Software Testing Qualification Board (ISTQB®)  certification, our experienced test engineers draw up the test concept in close consultation with the customer. Depending on client wishes, testing can be performed at IAV or on site at the client’s premises – either using IAV’s or the client’s testing facilities.