Market and Business Models

The combination of IAV’s technical expertise and C4D’s strategic competence allows us to provide a product-focused consultancy service that is unique

Through our Consulting4Drive (C4D) subsidiary, we can give our clients consulting on technological trends, market trends, production requirements and logistics, all true to C4D’s mission statement: “We believe in the creative power of progress and of the markets. This lets us turn ideas into competitive strategies, models and processes.”

We put innovations into practice

We show components suppliers and OEMs how to integrate future product requirements and the effects innovations have on the market into their business model. Doing so, we take into account the technical demands on vehicles as well as fleet and use models at the operator.

We turn chances into real potentials

Under the aspect of profitably boosting sales, we evaluate and categorize the world’s markets for promising new technologies. We develop business models and partnerships throughout the life cycle of future products and innovations.

We make innovations work

Using our levers, we make it possible for our clients to extend their product ranges by 20% on the same manpower and resources or implement product lines faster. Hand in hand with our clients, we develop processes that are effective in embedding virtual developments and vehicle tests in their organizational structure.

We optimize product costs

Through IAV’s cost engineering, value flow analysis, global sourcing and intelligent modular architecture, we unleash annual potentials of up to € 350 million. This is accomplished, for instance, by using innovative materials and optimizing module and platform architectures.

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