Telematics and Fleet Management

IAV’s experts benefit from experience gathered in research and large-scale volume production projects for OEMs from the automotive industry and the area of agricultural and special-purpose machinery. But our clients also include transport and logistics companies.

Telematics covers and links the fields of telecommunications and information technology. Our core activities include back-end systems, safety solutions, integrating contents and systems from third-party manufacturers as well as short-range and cellular systems. We are experts in integrating vehicle components, such as navigation systems or head units, mobile terminal devices and vehicle communication as the basis for safety-related services.

Developing Telematics Services

Control unit communication will in future extend beyond the boundaries of a vehicle and encompass components that have so far not been included in the work of OEMs. We have the expertise, experience and references in developing:

  • Cellular systems, short-range radio, network technology and protocols, data security systems, back-end technologies, mobile devices, hardware and software
  • Solutions for integrating services into customer service, repair shop and production processes
  • Solutions for cross-OEM (communication) systems in the field of driver assistance

IAV Telematics in Volume Production

We offer telematics solutions for large-scale logistics providers:

  • Development, supply and support in connection with using IAV Teledrive 3116 on-board computer – an all-in system-based solution for communication, information, navigation and entertainment, in production use since 2010
  • Remote control of vehicle functions (also for alternative drive systems)
  • Exporting and displaying status and trip data
  • Position and navigation-oriented services
  • Driver assist systems, based on vehicle-to-vehicle communication, e-call as well as track and trace
  • Theft tracking, activatable by administrator. Once enabled, the vehicle’s current position is communicated to the logistics control center.

IAV’s Vehicle Telematics

We are committed to end-to-end telematics systems through to the back-end solutions

  • Providing data on vehicle condition for the service team
  • Monitoring defined operating data and parameters
  • Acquiring statistical data
  • Exporting fault memory content on the basis of the OEM’s own diagnosis
  • Creating a CAN trace in the event of a fault

Provision of Vehicle Data

Data evaluation and display are user-oriented.

  • Web interface (administrator, technician and client)
  • PC application for client and technician
  • PDA application for the client