Truck-Trailer Combination

Truck tractor and semitrailer will melt together even more in future, e.g. in recovering braking energy and in aerodynamics

IAV develops new interfaces between truck and trailer that can be used across makes. The technology for recuperative braking could be installed in the trailer even today. But scenarios of this type are not yet covered in current standards on the electronic data communication between truck and trailer – neither real-time capable torque signals from the powertrain management system nor the monitoring functions for the energy storage system. When the trailer feeds braking energy into a battery through a generator on the rear axle, the truck tractor’s powertrain and braking management system should know the load torque at the trailer axle. It should also be possible to selectively activate recuperation in the trailer by operating the brake pedal. On top of this, there are still no interface signals to diagnose or show a battery storage unit’s state of charge.

Our many years of experience in interconnecting control units enable us to define the requirement profile for tomorrow’s truck-trailer interface and develop it in close consultation with vehicle manufacturers to the point of manufacturing readiness. Needless to say, we also validate the operating safety of the new vehicle functions in the truck-and-trailer unit – so both “islands” are made to become one reliable overall system in the future.