Body Electrics / Electronics

Controlling central functions requires expertise in the entire vehicle.

Most of the control units in the vehicle are responsible for comfort and body functions: They not only control doors and seats but also the way in which numerous functions interact. For over ten years, we have been providing component suppliers with support in developing items, such as complex body control modules (BCM) and gateways – every step of the way from the concept development phase, compiling the requirement and performance specifications, development management to final testing. Doing so, we work closely with our colleagues from Integral Vehicle Functions: This is where the vehicle’s IT architecture, the functions and interfaces are defined – our department writes the requirement specification, takes care of calling for bids, provides development support and, at the end of the process, gives a recommendation for release. Our colleagues from Integral Vehicle Functions are then called in again to test the interaction of all control units.

Major challenge from derivatives

Hybrid and electric vehicles as well as numerous derivatives with conventional drive systems present vehicle manufacturers with a major challenge: They demand numerous operations on the BCM, gateway or energy management system, for example. IAV can handle entire development packages, saving OEMs a considerable amount of work. Not only attending to functions, we can – if requested and in cooperation with other IAV departments – also develop the software to the point of manufacturing readiness.