Driver Assistance Systems

Hardly any other development partner has more experience with “electronic passengers”

We have been working on driver-assist systems for as long ago as 1995 – starting out then with the first adaptive cruise control systems (ACC), we can now provide you with comprehensive expertise in developing all warning and intervening systems. We develop and define the specifications for new functions, design the interfaces between sub-systems and test systems during the development process – to SOP level. Developing algorithms for new functions, our experts also configure concept and production-ready systems. We work closely with other IAV departments, in particular with the developers of production-vehicle software. We are your development partner – right through from the initial idea to the moment production starts and beyond.

Using tools, some of which we have developed in-house, we are in full command of the complex process involved in developing electronic assistants: Our “IAV Test Suite” efficiently automates HiL testing with the “IAV Scene Suite” simulating traffic scenarios and vehicle-environment sensors while also generating synthetic sensor data. IAV’s indoor lighting test facility allows us to create defined lighting conditions and simulate specific traffic scenarios on a reproducible basis. Our tools provide the basis for testing all aspects of driver-assist systems – both quickly and reproducibly.

Driver-assist systems now interact more closely with route planners

The focus today is on evaluating different vehicle-environment sensors – with radar, lidar, ultrasonic and video cameras delivering more and more stereo signals. The future is about continuing to enhance the functions of these electronic assistants while further cutting the cost, energy consumption, size and weight of vehicle-environment sensors. And together with predictive route planning, driver-assist systems will make a major contribution to further reducing the energy vehicles use.