Electromagnetic Compatibility

High current levels in electric cars and new data services can cause interference in vehicles

Electric vehicles in particular use high current levels that generate strong interference fields – this can cause problems with electronic systems. Added to this, new components give rise to additional problems: d.c. voltage converters and power inverters, for instance, that work with clocked voltages which means they radiate interference fields. But electromagnetic compatibility (EMV) is also becoming an increasingly significant issue in conventional vehicles because new services, such as mobile Internet with its high data rates, can also lead to interfering radiation.

In-house test environment for EMC analyses

Our EMC experts can support you throughout the entire development process, providing solutions that take account of all interactions within the vehicle. Using simulation, they replicate components and systems, allowing them to make accurate predictions and identify critical areas at an early stage. Our experts can draw on specially created infrastructure for experimental investigations: For instance, we have access to an EMC testing facility that gives us the basis for conducting key measurements and tests on electromagnetic compatibility – allowing us to carry out extensive testing on complete prototypes toward the end of the development process. On top of this, we also cooperate with experienced EMC test institutes and, as pioneers in the EMC domain, we also develop test methods and measurement specifications in cooperation with our clients.