Hardware and Software Development

From prototype to product: We take your functions to manufacturing readiness

IAV - Hardware and Software Development

Modern vehicles are completely lost without control units. Made up of hardware and software, the embedded systems are responsible for numerous functions, such as in the areas of chassis, body electronics and driver assistance. For many years, IAV has been developing entire systems and components – from designing hardware and software to prototyping and volume production solutions. Our hardware specialists are continually developing new control unit generations or adapting existing control units, for example by integrating new interfaces, like Automotive Ethernet. On the software side, we develop basic as well as function software. Needless to say, to do this we use the very latest software architectures, such as AUTOSAR.

To ensure a high level of efficiency and quality in the development process, our tool chains combine tried and proven standard tools, like DOORS, Matlab / Simulink, Enterprise Architect, and established testing tools to meet the specific needs of a project and guarantee maximum continuity between tools. We also like to draw on the testing automation capabilities we have developed in-house.

Our own universal control unit is ideal for many different applications. In very little time, we can use it to find out how functions behave in prototype test drives or implement them for prototype vehicles and also produce them in small volumes.

For our projects, we use our many years of method-related know-how, knowledge of software structures as well as the architectures of embedded systems from different manufacturers and component suppliers. At all times, our customers’ intellectual property couldn’t be better protected. Adapting work steps to suit the specific project in hand lets us strike a balance between standardized and established processes (such as Automotive SPICE and functional safety) and the dynamic project world we operate in. We also know the development processes at manufacturers and component suppliers inside out – this means, for example, we can help new suppliers meet the demands of the automotive world. And we can integrate different software module from different suppliers in one control unit.

In our work, we also benefit from the expertise and experience of our colleagues from other IAV sections – for example, Light & Vision, Chassis, Driver Assistance or Electric Traction (such as traction battery, e-motor and power electronics). We are also ideally positioned for the latest and tomorrow’s development trends, like the Internet of Things. Vehicles, with their many sensors, will in future swap more and more data and communicate with the cloud. Besides powerful control units, these new functions will also involve the use of cutting-edge IT technologies for maximum data security. Belonging to various bodies and with our innovative in-house development activities, we can always quickly and competently answer the inquiries we receive from our clients on issues of this type.