Vehicle Electrical System

Our specialists support you from concept to after-sales

The vehicle electrical system is responsible for getting power and information to components and control units. We are masters of the trade in every step of the development process from initial concept to start of production – and beyond. And also in after-sales where our clients and their repair shops can expect support in getting problems sorted out with vehicles already on the road. Particularly since the advent of high-voltage systems in the vehicle, electric-system developers have been facing exacting new challenges in relation to collision, EMC, high-voltage and cable-routing safety. They are also being called on to re-define and qualify components for new voltage levels, components and requirements.

Demand for harmonization is notching up complexity

Our development work also focuses on the latest trends that are emerging in vehicle electrical systems. Automakers are currently looking for greater harmonization - opening the way to sharing virtually identical components from several OEMs. Despite permitting higher volumes and cutting costs, this approach is also increasing the complexity of development work. Elsewhere, there is also a trend toward simple vehicle electrical systems for particularly price-sensitive markets – this is where we are working on lean development processes that still ensure quality finished products. On top of this, our vehicle electrical system specialists also oversee component suppliers: On behalf of vehicle manufacturers, we are qualifying new suppliers, providing support in introducing established development processes and taking tried-and-proven development processes to new markets. We are also actively involved in numerous bodies where we are focusing on harmonizing vehicle electrical system components.