Occupant Safety, Partner Protection, Restraint Systems

Our experts ensure occupant and pedestrian safety

No matter whether statutory requirements, consumer protection or specific manufacturer demands: We develop passive restraint systems and systems for partner protection in strict compliance with your wishes – for example, the entire function of airbags (front and side), belt systems as well as interior components that could come into contact with occupants in the event of a collision. We are always at your side from the initial concept to validation for mass production while intermeshing computation, design and testing. Over recent years, our experts have gathered a wealth of experience above all in developing overall concepts as well as in configuring the function of restraint and pedestrian protection systems.

With our crash facility and a large number of specific test benches, we ensure that all systems function correctly both during and at the end of the development process. Among the highlights of our test benches are a pendulum test bench, an FMH test bench (free-motion headform) and the “FlexPLI” test leg that allows us to carry out testing for meeting future statutory requirements on leg impact.

We can perform the following component tests for you:

  • Airbags for front and lateral protection
  • Instrument panel
  • Rooflining and pillar lining
  • Seats and seat systems
  • Safety-belt components

We can perform the following occupant protection tests for you:

  • Head pendulum impactor test to EC 74/60, ECE R21 and FMVSS 201, JIS (Japan)
  • Head acceleration impactor test to FMVSS 201 upper
  • Head acceleration impactor test to FMVSS 226

We can perform the following pedestrian protection tests for you:

  • “Head” impactor tests prescribed in legislation, EURO-NCAP, MLIT (Japan)
  • “Leg” impactor test prescribed in legislation, EURO-NCAP and GTR9 (FlexPLI)
  • “Hip” impactor test prescribed in legislation and consumer protection requirements