Future Powertrains

Berlin Powertrain Symposium, December 3-4, 2019, Berlin, Germany


  • Matthias Kratzsch

    Matthias Kratzsch

    IAV Managing Director of Technology
  • Dr.-Ing. Joachim Damasky

    Dr.-Ing. Joachim Damasky

    VDA VDA Managing Director


What will tomorrow’s powertrains look like?

The boundary conditions for powertrain developers are becoming increasingly challenging. What is the background to these requirements and how will the developers approach it?

They originate from societal demands, ambitious pollutant/COlimits and the growing diversity of mobility concepts. Powertrain concepts must adjust to this general framework and the associated complexity and permit combinations of the various options.

For the powertrain, this means that developers must evaluate the combination of resource availability for the various applications, costs, manageability by the end user as well as the technical challenges and opportunities. Added to this is the endeavor to decarbonize the primary energy sources as a measure to avert climate change.

This complex backdrop demands a cross-sectoral way of thinking – for which our Berlin Powertrain Symposium provides the appropriate platform. Among other aspects, discussion will focus on the following questions: Which demands do society and politics place on future mobility concepts? What are the underlying medium and long-term objectives? How will powertrains and their components develop within this framework in future? Which technical challenges do we need to overcome at cross-sectoral level? What are the best technical concepts? What are the most efficient development methods?

The viewpoints of policymakers and developers are important to us in this regard. We look forward to your abstracts. Please don’t be afraid to take a visionary approach on the subject matter you choose!



What will tomorrow´s powertrains look like? Your personal viewpoint are important to us in this regard. We are looking forward to welcome you. Use the link below for your registration.



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