International Conference on Ignition Systems for Gasoline Engines

fourth quarter, 2020, Berlin, Germany


  • Michael Günther

    Michael Günther

    IAV Department Manager Advanced Development Thermodynamics SI Engines Gas Exchange/Combustion
  • Marc Sens

    Marc Sens

    IAV Head of Department Thermodynamics/Boost Systems


Now that a CO2 emission limit of 95 g/km has been set as mandatory by 2021, the next stage in tightening standards will represent an even greater challenge: a target of 70 to 75 g/km by 2025 is currently under discussion, and will require significant work to improve the efficiency of gasoline engines. In addition to combining downsizing and the Miller cycle with rising in-cylinder pressure, charge dilution concepts with residual gas or lean-burn engines are increasingly becoming the focus of interest. The use of CNG, produced using regenerative energy sources such as biomass or regenerative electricity, is also due to grow. Combined with high mean pressures and lean combustion, the use of “green gas” promises maximum efficiency with minimal CO2 emissions.

This, however, gives rise to extremely complex ignition conditions. Will traditional spark plug ignition systems be able to meet the demands of the future? We would like to invite you to discuss these key issues in the future development of the gasoline engine.


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