Conference Injection and Fuels

fourth quarter, 2020, Berlin, Germany


  • Ralf Marohn

    IAV Senior Vice President Fuel and Aftertreatment Technology
  • Prof. Dr. Dr. Helmut Tschöke

    Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg Institut for Mobile Systems (IMS)


The combustion engine’s future essentially depends on whether it will be possible to find a way of converting fuel-bound chemical energy into mechanical energy for drive on a carbon dioxide neutral or low-emission basis. In this context, the fuel used and the technology employed are crucial for optimum fuel injection into the combustion chamber.

Fuels are the new drivers of injection technology. Fuel in itself provides options for drastically reducing CO2 emissions. It may even be possible to make the whole process chain almost carbon dioxide neutral. But engine-out emissions can also be reduced through fuel in a way that leaves injection technology and exhaust gas aftertreatment holding a key to reliably meeting all future emission regulations, including those based on the Real Driving Emissions test procedure (RDE).

It is against this backdrop that we have broadened the “Diesel and Gasoline Direct Injection” conference. We will be examining the entire process from fuel and injection to mixture formation, combustion and emissions. Now carrying the title of “Injection and Fuels”, the newly focused conference will interlink all key variables on a meaningful basis to produce an efficient and carbon dioxide neutral form of propulsion with combustion engines or hybrid drive systems.


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